Samsung A52s 5g Price: An Extremely Affordable Mobile Phone


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone made and released by Samsung Electronics as part of the Galaxy A series. The smartphone is slated to be launched on 17 March 2021 at Samsung’s official Awesome Unpacked event in London. The device features a dual-core 1.4 GHz CPU, Adreno Type Duo, and two gigabytes of RAM. The phone also features a generous 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touch screen and a dual-mode, built-in Android interface. samsung a52 5g

The Samsung A52s has a sleek metallic body with a two-tone accent color for the edges and a bright, vivid color on the top. The body is constructed from a combination of metal and glass. The sides and back of this device are smooth and thin, while the front and rear cameras are larger and more protruding than on other smartphones. In terms of storage, the Samsung A52s has two sim slots and a decent amount of memory space which allow you to store several apps and stored media. The phone comes with an internal memory of 16 GB, which is sufficient enough for most uses. You can increase this capacity via the use of a micro SD card, though it is not included in the package.

The Samsung A52s has a single rear camera with a relatively small pixels. Despite this, the front and rear cameras are large enough to take excellent photos. The lens is rather large and is capable of allowing the user to take photos in all lighting conditions. This is particularly beneficial because it means that people can take photos in natural light. The Samsung A52s price is around $500, which makes it one of the most affordable digital cameras on the market.

With a Samsung A52s you should expect to get approximately two hundred and fifty megabytes of space for the phone’s user files. This is good news for anyone who wants plenty of room for a digital photo collection. There is also a neat little feature that allows users to upload their music directly to their device. This alone should bring the price down of this handset, as it is only one half the price of a high-end Apple iPhone and much cheaper than most Windows Phones.

Samsung has put together a great package with the Samsung A52s. For about two hundred dollars you get an unlocked Samsung A52s with microSD slot and an interface that is easy to use. On top of that, the Samsung galaxy a52s has four megapixels, a nice fit keyboard, a nice front and back camera, nice large LCD touch screen, and an eight mega-pin connection for the cellular phone. The battery has a quick charge and lasts all day.

At just under one thousand five hundred dollars the Samsung A52s really is a great bargain. It has all of the features you would find in one of the higher end phones without having to pay the premium. The real question is will the A52’s price be enough to make people want to go out and buy it? Right now it looks like it may be a winner. It has a sleek design, excellent picture quality, a powerful processor, and plenty of storage space for music and videos.